Wu Zhao

Wu Zhao was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1935. From an early age, he was influenced by such Chinese traditions as Kunqu opera and the guqin. He started learning the guqin in 1953 under the tutelage of Zha Fuxi. In 1955, he gained entry into the department of Chinese History at Nankai University and studied guqin under guqin master Wu Jinglüe. He graduated in 1959, and began researching Chinese music history under renowned musicologist Yang Yinliu at the Chinese Music Research Academy. He is currently president of the Beijing Guqin Research Association and of the China Guqin Committee, and an advisor to PhD students. 

Wu Zhao has lectured at various universities and has attended and performed at international guqin conferences in many countries including the USA, France, Germany, Japan and Korea. 

Major works include his CDs "Yi Guren (Thinking of an Old Friend)" (Chenxi Record Company, Taibei) and "Hangong Qiuyue (Autumn Moon over the Han Palace)" (Hugo Productions, Hong Kong), his monograph "Zhongguo Yinyue Shilüe (A Short History of Chinese Music)", the large, illustrated book "Zhongguo Guqin Zhencui (The Beauty of the Chinese Qin)" of which he was chief editor, compilation of "Guqin Quji (Collection of Guqin Scores) and the 5 VCD set "Guqin Foundation Course".

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