Wang Wei

Wang Wei (Charlotte Wang), an editor for China Radio International, enjoys guqin, kunqu, Nalan Xingde and Cangyang. She first became aware of the guqin after listening to a China Radio International radio program when she was a child. She began her study of the the instrument under Master Li Xiangting in the 1980s.

In 1995, the Wang sisters Charlotte (Wei), Emily (Fei) were invited to play the guqin in Maoka, Japan and received high praise from the mayor. 

Wang Wei is not only a guqin player, she also organizes and promotes guqin-related activities and events. Her guqin program "Jixing Zhi Yin" (Improvised Music) won several awards in China. Her musical program "A Japanese's Chinese Dream", an introduction to a Japanese guqin player, was also highly praised. 

As a writer, Wang Wei is the author of the novella The Sweet Torture, and her book "Three Sisters' Skies and Dreams" was a bestseller in Beijing in 1997.

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