Jim Binkley

I am a teacher and researcher of Computer Networking and Computer
Science at Portland State University. I teach graduate classes in
Computer Networks and Operating Systems, and do research in wireless
networking. Before I started working with computers, I studied Chinese
Literature, and Chinese Music at the University of Washington. I
started studying q'in in the 1970's in Taiwan with a qin teacher named
Wang Zhen-hua, and later Tao Zhu-sheng in Seattle. At that time I
began to translate the rare qin handbook, Yu-gu-zhai qin-pu (see
http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~jrb/chin for the Chinese for that). About three
years Julian Joseph and Wang Fei helped me to start playing the qin
again. I have probably played about 10 years total, but there was a 20
year gap in the middle! I am still working on the Yu-gu-zhai Chinese to
English translation effort; e.g., see:


I have been a musician "on the side" for most of my life. I have
played guitar including classical guitar, for about 35 years and have
composed a number of works for guitar and voice, and electronic computer

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